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Building Information Modeling Computer Aided Facility Management Computerized Maintenance Management System
From basic building info and inventories to budgets and detailed assessments
From code compliance to project information
.... and much more

All in a highly visual environment

Detailed assessments of all major building components
From ..
roofing through HVAC
to ..

paving and parking lots

Highly visual and data-rich application design and user interface
Interactive, 3D, virtual building models, with data connectivity
Different 3D models for different contexts (module-based)
Direct placement of videos, photos and comments on 3D models
Photo gallery with direct links to building sections and application objects such as assessment observations, project reports etc.
Develop detailed assessment & maintenance budgets
Develop multi-year capital reserve plans
Categorize costs in multiple ways

View repair costs across different building components

Plan building projects collaboratively
Bid projects online
Manage and Track Projects collaboratively to completion with a comprehensive set of tools

Document projects and maintain history archives

Web 2.0 multi-user environment
Object-based, robust and extensive commenting system
Flexible and secure permissioning
Recent activity dashboards

.... and much more

Building information repository
Drawings, documents, custom budgets, leasing & tenants info, legal compliance info etc.,
Inventory of parts for major building components such as HVAC, Interior spaces

.... and much more

Make Available
All building asset information available 24x7 in a secure environment

Share: multi-user environment with a robust and flexible permissioning system

Track & Manage
Monitor and track your building assets. Track progress of assessments and projects
Track construction of budgets and capital reserve plans

Great Manager’s tool for a multi-building asset manager

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