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BEMAP is a highly secure and available SaaS application.  Our high level of security is achieved by using a multi-layered approach, this multi layered approach in a combination of programming techniques, transmission encryption, intrusion prevention, physical security, policies procedures and conformance to best practices.

Each user of BEMAP is provided with a unique user ID and strong password combination.  This combination needs to be entered every time a user logs into BEMAP.  We encourage the use of pass-phrases but require the user to maintain a minimum 8-character alpha-numeric password.

An authenticated user session is maintained in server memory.  No user ID or Passwords are exchanged for the duration of the session.  Idle disconnect and Account lockout after several attempts are implemented. 

BEMAP is designed as a multi-tenant SaaS application.  The code is stored and isolated from the application data.  The data for each client is maintained in a separate DB making for a more portable and secure application.

Each user is assigned a user type and a customizable role based on the client’s requirements.  Thus each user can only see parts and features that they are allowed to see depending on their role and job requirements. 

128 bit SSL ( Secure Socket layer ) data encryption ensures all data Transmission between The client and server are encrypted including user ID and Password.   In addition, server authentication also takes place adding a high level of security to data Transmissions.  This level of security is commonly utilized by many financial institutions and internet commerce vendors.

Our servers are hosted by a reputable class - A data center provider.  Details of data centre security can be found here.


  • Our servers are continually monitored and scanned to detect and intrusion and vulnerability.
  • BEMAP application are tested and maintained on a regular basis to ensure integrity and up to data patch management.
  • A continuous database log of user activity is maintained providing an audit trail.
  • Our programmers do not have access to live customer data.
  • System backups are done on a daily basis to ensure availability.  Tape media backups are also done and stored off-site to ensure reliable data restores in case of a disaster.
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